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Examination Results


All our students worked exceptionally hard in 2016 to achieve:


A* - E


A* - C


A* - B


A* - A

A Level Examination Results 2014 – 2016

 Hayesfield 2014Hayesfield 2015Hayesfield 2016BANES Average 2015UK Average 2015
% grades A*-A2226302726
% grades A*-B465457-53
% grades A*-C758481-77
% grades A*-E98100999998
Average Points Score per Student747787821766764
Average Points Score per EntryCC+B-CC
% achieving at least 3 grades at A*/A9111189
% achieving at least AAB grades in 2 facilitating subjects*1717171212
% achieving 3 A*-B272931--
% achieving at least 3 A*-E9394937477
% achieving at least 2 A*-E9999999192

*Facilitating Subjects are a list of subjects determined by the Russell Group of Universities as core Academic A Level Subjects, they include Languages, Sciences, Maths, English Literature, Geography and History.

Significantly high grades were achieved by:

Alice McDonald – 4A*s (History at London School of Economics), Clara Whiteley – 3A*s and 1A* in EPQ (Biomedical Sciences at Manchester), Sydney Marshall – 3A*s and 1A plus an A* in EPQ (Physics with Astrophysics), Isabella Patterson – 3A*s (Medicine at Bristol), Melissa May – 2A*s, 1A, 1C plus an A* in EPQ (Languages in Vienna), Annabel Melvin – 2A*s, 1A and 1B at AS (History at Oxford), Nina Miklos – 2A*s and 1A (Food Science at Leeds), Hannah Phillips – 2A*s and 1A (Biochemistry with French at Manchester), Asher Flanagan – 1A* and 2As (Psychology at Bristol), Madeline Rolt – 3As (Art Foundation), Daisy Stewart – 3As (Medical Science at Exeter) and Maia Webb-Hayward – 3As.